In a market dominated by large companies, there is often room to think differently. Sjöstrand Coffee's vision rests on design and environment. Therefore, we have developed products with a timeless design that will last. We cooperate with companies that produce environmentally friendly espresso capsules that are kind to the nature. We do not believe people will stop consuming, and instead we need to offer sustainable and environmentally friendly options - both in terms of design and environment. Sjöstrand's products are sold on many markets around the world, and our vision is to become a global actor where we can make a difference.

Our design

Sjöstrand’s key words are sustainability, functionality and taste. Our design is what may be called Swedish timeless design, with the aim that it will last for a long time. We have chosen to work with stainless steel with a mirrored finish. Whatever kitchen or office you choose, there should not be any reason to change our machine because it no longer fits in. Sjöstrand's products are simple to use - with a simple push of the button, you get an espresso just the way you want it. We are constantly looking for more environmentally friendly options for all parts to build our products.

Our espresso capsule

Sjöstrand’s capsule is the world's first biodegradable espresso capsule with the highest
certification of biodegradability - 13432. It is made of starch and plant fibres, and breaks down within 180 days in industrial composting. It is an important innovation that is completely unique, both in terms of the quality of the coffee, as well as the future environment for the next generations. In the municipalities that have containers or bags for compost, it is possible to dispose of it there. If your municipality, or the property, does not offer composting, dispose of it in the household garbage. So far, one can not yet throw the capsule into the food waste, or own household compost. However, the development is progressing rapidly, and soon our capsule will also be biodegradable in household compost.

Payment and delivery

There are several payment options available on our website. We offer card payments, invoice, partial payments and online banking. The total cost (your order plus shipping) will be deducted from your account, or invoiced, when the order is completed and approved. There is free shipping when you buy products for €700 or more. Delivery times may vary, but we strive for you to get your order as quickly as possible.